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HVAC Energy Efficiency

Make sure your AC unit is running efficiently. Heating and Air Conditioning use up about one half of all the energy used in a home.  If you have an old air conditioner, you may be surprised to hear that purchasing a new efficient HVAC unit can actually pay for itself in energy savings. 

Save 1000’s by having an energy efficient HVAC unit

There are 2 main reasons to make sure your HVAC unit is energy efficient.  One is money.  An efficient Air Conditioner saves you money.  The second is that new units emit less pollutants.  To increase the heating efficiency inside your home, you have to optimize the use of your HVAC system. Comfort and warmth are two important elements that you should expect from a reliable heating system.  It must also be as energy efficient as possible to reduce your energy consumption to get the most savings.

5 Great Tips to Improve Heating Efficiency in Your Home

Install a high-efficiency heating system - Whether you plan to integrate a new heating system or replace an old one, it is highly advised that you settle for heating units with higher efficiency ratings. The addition of this kind of heating units will give you 30 percent more savings on gas and electricity as compared to those using regular furnaces.

Inspect for air leaks - You’d be surprised to know that you can lose up to 25 percent of heating energy from the small openings present in your windows, doors, and walls. To prevent this, seal the cracks and crevices on your walls as well as the openings on your windows and doors. Doing so will allow you to significantly cut down your heating bills.

Integrate proper home insulation The use of appropriate insulation materials is a great way to improve heating efficiency within your home. They help trap warm air inside your home, which greatly help to reduce your energy consumption. Make sure to insulate your walls, floors, and roof to considerably decrease your heating demand.

Enhance air circulation - There are a number of ways to improve air circulation inside your home. One, make sure that curtains and furntiture items are not blocking the heating vents. Another way is to close the vents in unused rooms. You should also keep your basement warm since heat usually rise above higher floors of the house.

Regularly maintain your furnace - Make sure to replace the air filter in the furnace as necessary.  If you need to deal with serious or extensive heater repair, it is best that you call a professional technician.

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