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About Air Conditioning in Redding

When temperatures start to climb, people look for the comfort of a good air conditioning unit to stay comfortable.  Air conditioners come in many sizes and at different costs.  There are several types of cooling systems for air conditioning in the Redding area.
Air Conditioning ReddingEvaporative Coolers also known as Swamp Coolers are well known and seen often in Northern California in residences in windows as a means of cooling a room or other small area.  They are also popular for heating commercial buildings as well and are found either in windows, walls or on the roof of the building. There are two types of evaporative coolers: direct and indirect.  The direct evaporative cooler forces air through a water soaked pad which cools, humidifies and filters the air.  The indirect cooler uses a heat exchanger so that humidity is not added to the outflow of air.  They are popular for homes and commercial buildings are have the advantage of being 10-20% cheaper than other types of coolers as well as not using any refrigerants.  A good website for more information on Evaporative Coolers is  Also known as Room air conditioners, Energy Star compliant units use at least 10% less energy than conventional models.  Information on ENERGY STAR qualified room air conditioners is available online.  These units have timers for better temperature control, allowing you to use the minimum amount of energy for cooling. It important to properly size a swamp cooler.  For more information on how to properly size a Room air conditioner, click the link.
Air Conditioning ReddingCondensor Air Conditioners, also called Split Air Conditioner Units are found outside of homes, apartments and buildings usually mounted on concrete next to the house or on the roof of a building. The compressor heats gas, causing it to become hot and pressured.  This hot gas runs through a set of coils that dissipate the heat and causes it to condense into liquid. The liquid runs through a valve and evaporates into a cooler gas form.  The cool gas then runs through another set of coils that allows the gas to absorb heat and cool the air inside the house. The units are seen often on the tops of large buildings and are used more for large installations and buildings. . 
Both kinds of air conditioning units are popular in the Redding area and local HVAC contractors can help you decide on which type is bestyou’re your needs.  More information on Condensor about
Popular Brands and More information
Residential Units: Carrier  American Standard   Trane Mitsubishi
Commercial Units: Carrier  Lennox  Trane Business Directory of HVAC Companies
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