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Heaters, Heat Pumps and Furnaces

There are several types of heating and cooling systems. They are central heating, forced air heating, and electric or radiant heating, and gas fired heaters. Each type is more or less popular in different parts of the country dependent on the local climate and energy costs. Both types of HVAC systems are used for Residential Heating and Cooling as well as Commercial Heating and Cooling.

Central heating is used more often in cold climates to heat buildings and houses. They contain a furnace, boiler or heat pump that heats either water, steam or air from a central location then it gets piped to each room or office.  The system contains either ductwork, for forced air systems, or piping to distribute heated fluid or radiators transfer heat to the air.  In boiler and radiant heating systems, water is circulated throughout the building to insure equal temperature is distributed to all the vents. 

Forced air systems send heated air through a duct in the winter time and the same system sends cool air in the summer time.  The air is filtered using standard or high quality filters.  These systems send heated or cooled air directly through the ducts whereas the central heating systems send the heated substance, usually water, to the location with the actual heat transfer occurs, such as a radiator.

Electric Heaters are plugged in directly to the house or building electrical system or are plugged directly into a wall where they generate heat using electricity.  This is called resistant heating.  These system are popular where lower cost energy is available.  Examples of this type of heating are portable electric heaters and base-board heaters.

Gas Space Heaters are direct vent heaters that are fired with natural gas or Propane (LP). Many Direct Vent Heaters are large enough to heat the whole house, large spaces or as a stand-alone heater with up to 85% Efficient Heat. Since Gas Heaters are so efficient and have a fan - these heaters can be used to heat large areas. The Gas space heater can be used instead of a full-house furnace.

Popular Brands and More information
Residential Units: Carrier  American Standard  Trane Mitsubishi Monitor
Commercial Units: Carrier  Lennox  Trane

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